Aims and Objectives

To provide child, youth and women welfare
To establish industrial home for development
To set up vocational training centers
To establish healthcare centers, dispensaries and hospitals for provision of free medical treatment and conduct medical camps for the needy
To build educational centers, libraries and computer training centers for intelligent people
To provide natural, fun and desired basic needs
To celebrate national days & arrange special programs
To arrange workshops, seminars and other programs for creating awareness
To make efforts for poverty alleviation through different projects
To provide financial assistance and social services to deserving people
To make a contribution to disaster and flood relief
Peace building through sustainable development and protection of basic human rights
Women empowerment and gender equality

Focus Areas

Gender Equality
Women Empowerment
Environment Preservation
Human Rights
Community Mobilization
Social Services
Rights Promotion and/ or Monitoring
Creating Awareness and Providing Information & Education for Bringing about a Behavior Change
Water & Sanitation
Emergency Relief

Natural Disasters

Area of Operation

ACWA is based in Karachi, Sindh. Our projects cover the length and breadth of Pakistan. We operate in interior Sindh, Baluchistan, Punjab, Khyber Pukhtunkhwa, and slums and low-income areas in Islamabad.